Building finite streams in Scala

Maybe you've already run into a scenario that you needed to create a finite stream of something that you have no idea about the size of it: a queue, a paged HTTP service, a database table, etc. Luckly for us, both Play! and Akka Stream provide an easy way to create and to handle this kind of stream. Consider you have the following function: def fetchTransactions(page: Int): Future[Seq[Transaction]] = //implementation here You need, somehow, build a report of transactions. There are A LOT of transactions and your machine…

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Building microservices with Akka HTTP and MongoDB

It's been a while since my last post, but, here I am again. You probably know that both Akka HTTP and MongoDB Scala Driver are reactive, so, they're a good way to go when we talk about highly scalable microservices, and, since I've playing with both lately, I guess it's fair to show a simple REST application using them. Also, this example uses Fongo, a fake in memory MongoDB written in Java, to help us create our tests and not worry with our database access. Well, let's start then. build.…

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