Best practices to design APIs with AMQP

As we all know, there's this hype around microservices that we cannot ignore. It is true, developing microservices help us decouple our systems, test and work with them better. Besides HTTP, you can create APIs with tons of other protocols and content types. Here is where I tell you a little experience about creating APIs with AMQP, using RabbitMQ (or any other message broker that supports AMQP 0.9.1). First, there are a few concepts that you must understand, before we continue to create our apis, but, if you…

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Building microservices with Akka HTTP and MongoDB

It's been a while since my last post, but, here I am again. You probably know that both Akka HTTP and MongoDB Scala Driver are reactive, so, they're a good way to go when we talk about highly scalable microservices, and, since I've playing with both lately, I guess it's fair to show a simple REST application using them. Also, this example uses Fongo, a fake in memory MongoDB written in Java, to help us create our tests and not worry with our database access. Well, let's start then. build.…

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Building microservices with Finatra and Slick

I've been away for a while and I've been playing with Finatra, so, I decided to write this post because I really enjoyed using it. Lately I've been using Scala a lot in my personal projects and even for testing my Java applications (it is much better than using JUnit, believe me), so, I also tried a few scala web frameworks out and I found out that Finatra is the easiest one (at least for me). First of all, what is Finatra? Well, it is a web framework created by…

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