Deploying and running Docker containers on Marathon

Last article I explained how you can build your Mesos infrastructure, so, from here I'd assume you have it working already. First of all, we are going to build a simple application. It is going to be a Java application running on a Docker container, but, you can deploy whatever you want. build.gradle buildscript { repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { classpath 'com.github.rholder:gradle-one-jar:1.0.4' } } apply plugin: 'java' apply plugin: 'gradle-one-jar' repositories { jcenter() } task uberJar(type: OneJar, dependsOn: build) { mainClass = 'hello.marathon.Main' archiveName = 'hello-marathon-all.jar' } dependencies { compile 'com.…

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Building a Microservice Infrastructure using Mesos, Marathon and Zookeeper

This post will be the first of a "series" that I'm planning about an infrastructure for Microservices. First of all, a few concepts: According to their web site, Mesos is a distributed systems kernel. Mesos abstracts every machine resource of a cluster to build a "super computer", exposing it as an unique resource pool. Marathon, in the other hand, is a resource manager that runs on top of Mesos. Using Marathon you will be able to deploy containers and applications into a Mesos cluster. Zookeeper is…

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