Seven tips to be happy as a Java Developer (or at least less sad)

Most Java Developers still are trapped working in Banks. These developers cannot simply stop writing bureaucratic code. If you already identified yourself, unfortunately, this post isn't for you, I'm so sorry, you're completely lost, but don't worry, I'm pretty sure there's a special place in heaven for people like you. On the other hand, there are a few Java developers who could escape the agony of writing "enterprise" Java code and started writing Kotlin, Scala or even a non JVM language. If you are a developer like this…

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Embedded containers and standalone Java applications

When you create a Java application, you either choose to deploy within an external servlet container/application container or embed a container into your jar. There are developers who still refuse to use embedded containers, some for fear: feeling that somehow their application is going to crash just because it runs directly from a java -jar command (haha), others, well, I don’t know why someone could not prefer to run their applications using a simple terminal command, but, there are other opinions and other views, this post is not…

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