The basic you should know before building your REST api

There is no recipe to build a REST api, but, there are a lot of good practices that could be followed, so, I gathered the most used and well accepted practices that you should know before building yours. Index Most commonly used HTTP methods GET POST PUT PATCH DELETE Most commonly used HTTP status Don't use verbs in the resource uri Always use JSON as the content-type Envelop your response Make client-side errors well explained in the response Support versioning, but avoid to use it Support async and callback operations…

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8 design patterns that every developer should know

As a developer, you are constantly resolving problems. Many of these problems probably were already solved by other developers, so, why do we need to solve them again? You have a problem, specifically a common problem, so, you try to find out if anyone already did the job solving, before you try to resolve it, right? You probably don't want to reinvent the wheel, do ya? Design patterns are there for these situations. Unfortunately there are a lot of developers who still refuse to use a few patterns, mostly because…

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Application logging: why is it so underused?

Probably you already have used application logging once in your life as a developer, no matter in which language you have used. So, you already know that logs help you discover a possible application failure, or even generating metrics about business of your application (most developers still don’t know this). But still people don’t know the best way to log data properly, which tools to use or even which level should be used in a certain moment. I will show you seven tips to help you discover how…

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