Alpakka (Akka Streams) vs Apache Camel: who wins?

Most software engineers have to work with enterprise integrations, and, since we are all lazy, we love to use stuff that provide things out-of-the-box. Before I start, I have to say: I already have worked with both Camel and Alpakka, so, I'll try to make the fairest comparison I can. Apache Camel is a "lightweight ESB" and has been around for sometime now. It is widely adopted and battle-tested on production at many companies, like Cisco, Netflix and JPMorgan. On the other hand, the Alpakka project is relatively…

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CDI, Polymorphism and The Factory Pattern

One of the most useful things about object oriented programming is polymorphism. In fact, it makes our software have different behaviors without the need to explicit it in the code. For instance, you are writing a code to make a credit card transaction. If it is a VISA transaction, you should execute one specific action, if it is a MASTERCARD transaction, you should execute another specific action, so, the first thing you think about doing is: public void pay(Transaction transaction) throws UnsupportedCardNetworkException { if("visa".equals(transaction.getType())){ //pay with…

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