Configuring multiple datasources using SpringBoot and Atomikos

Since I didn't find any article explaining how to use the auto configuration to configure Atomikos on SpringBoot, I decided to write this post. I hope it can be useful to someone. ;) Dependencies Assuming you are developing a web application and want to use Atomikos to provide distributed transactions over multiple datasources, you will need only two dependencies: def springBootVersion = 'YOUR_SPRING_BOOT_VERSION_HERE' compile group: 'org.springframework.boot', name: 'spring-boot-starter-jta-atomikos', version: springBootVersion compile group: 'org.springframework.boot', name: 'spring-boot-starter-web', version: springBootVersion The application.yml If you are using…

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Why you should consider using Apache DeltaSpike

We always hear about the Spring vs Java EE fight. Do we always have to use one of them? For sure, they give you a lot of facilities, but, do we need all of those features that they bring with them every time? Well, actually you don't need to choose one of them always. There are a lot of other alternatives that help you build your applications, so, why not take a look at few of them? I'm here to show an alternative called Apache DeltaSpike. Apache DeltaSpike is a…

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